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Renesas: The epidemic will become a normal, and the semiconductor industry needs to adjust the adaptation.

Release time : 2022-11-18

Car chip large factory Renesas Electronics CEO Chai Tian Yingli said that the global semiconductor industry needs to adjust operations and supply chains to meet epidemic normalization.

According to the British "Financial Times" report, the rapid spread of COVID-19 in Southeast Asia has caused serious damage to the global supply chain, prompting the world's largest car manufacturer Toyota to cut global production by 40% in September. The industry has been blown by the shortage of global semiconductor components. Chai Tian Yingli warned that normalization of this situation is still "quite distant".

"We need to consider how Covid-19," he said, "this means to take different practices, not as we see in Malaysia and Vietnam, turn off the business and isolation each time there is a new case. "

The epidemic has also made challenges for renes 8.8 billion euros to acquire Dialog transactions. Chai Tian Yingli said that since the agreement has been reached in February, he has not visited or visited any executives and offices of Dialog.

On the occasion of the outbreak of the epidemic, renesas acquired Dialog, which is the third large-scale acquisition in the four years, but due to the epidemic situation. "I am both excited and worried," Tu Tu said, "We acquired Dialog, even didn't visit the company, so I would like to see it as soon as possible, make sure there is really office and employee."

Other Japanese companies are also facing similar challenges. After the epidemic limits their ability to perform actual due diligence, many Japanese companies are eager to start looking for overseas acquisition opportunities.

Despite this, renesa has completed the acquisition of Dialog last week, launched 39 new products combined with two companies. With the relationship between China and the United States, Chai Tatu is trying to expand the Group's business to automotive chips and expand its geographical footprint. This transaction is part of this goal.

Morgan Tatong analyst Masashi Itaya has been speaking at Renesas last week: "We believe that from the beginning, we may have a faster sales synergistic effect than expected from the beginning, it may produce a faster sales synergistic effect than expected, in terms of industrial, infrastructure and 'Internet of Things'. "

The acquisition of Dialog will also inject fresh blood into the renesas, and new engineering tools are used to adjust its products to accommodate the digital age. To this end, Chai Tian has appointed Dialog Senior Vice President Virk Ban (Vivek Bhan) for the renel of the renesa car solution business.

He added: "So far, our car sector is mainly operated by traditional Risa, but we hope to speed up from here, and modern modifications are also carried out on the automotive sector."