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TSMC established the OIP 3D Fabric Alliance, with 19 partners including ARM and Micron joining

Release time : 2022-11-18

TSMC announced today (27) that it had established the Open Innovation Platform (OIP) 3D Fabric Alliance to promote the development of 3D semiconductors. At present, 19 partners such as Micron, SK Hynix, Riyueguang, ARM, and Synopsis have agreed to join.

It is reported that 3DFabric alliance members can acquire TSMC's 3DFabric technology as early as possible, which enables them to develop and optimize solutions synchronously with TSMC, and also enables customers to take a leading position in product development. They can obtain the highest quality and existing solutions and services from EDA and IP to DCA/VCA, storage, outsourcing packaging test (OSAT), substrate and test as early as possible.

Dr. Lu Lizhong, Academician of TSMC Science and Technology/Deputy General Manager of Design and Technology Platform, said: "3D chip stacking and advanced packaging technology has opened a new era for chip level and system level innovation. At the same time, extensive ecosystem cooperation is needed to help designers find the best way through various choices and methods. Under the joint leadership of us and ecosystem partners, our 3DFabric alliance provides customers with a simple and flexible way to unleash the power of 3D IC for their design. We can't wait to see him We adopted the innovative achievements of TSMC's 3DFabric technology. "

It is understood that TSMC's 3DFabric technology includes front-end 3D chip stack or TSMC SoIC (system integration chip), and back-end technology including CoWoS and InFO series packaging technology, which can achieve better efficiency, power consumption, size, appearance and function, and achieve system level integration. In addition to the CoWoS and InFO that have been mass produced, TSMC will start to produce system integration chips in 2022. At present, TSMC has the world's first fully automated 3DFabric wafer factory in Zhunan, which integrates advanced testing, TSMC's system integration chip and InFO operation, provides customers with the best flexibility, and uses better production cycle time and quality control to optimize packaging.