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CW Industries supplies leading industrial, consumer, and defense electronics manufacturers with complex electromechanical slide, rocker, and pushbutton switches; insulation displacement and Mil Spec connectors; and a variety of custom assemblies that require a high level of precision, performance, and accountability.. 


Our history dates from the earliest days of electronics. The Wirt Company was founded in 1904 by Charles Wirt, an associate of Thomas Alva Edison. CW Industries has developed patented products and processes for several segments of the electronics industry. These products include slide, rocker, and pushbutton switches, insulation displacement connectors, and a variety of custom products.. 


Our fully integrated manufacturing facilities permit us to control the conversion of raw materials to finished product. In addition to engineering our core designs and patented features, we mold, stamp, and plate in-house virtually every component used in each of our products.


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