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AC Tasarim was established in 2003 and we are offering professional EMI / EMC solutions to the use of many different sectors. In addition to being the market leader in Turkey we are also exporting our products to many countries. Our product portfolio consists of Tin or Nickel Plated Copper Braidings, Polyester and Nomex Braidings, Grounding Braids and we have the ability to offer unique solutions according to the technical specs of the projects. AC Tasarim, in line with its vision, uses up-to-date technologies to develop and produce easily accessible and reliable products that meet customer expectations. Our company has determined to offer fast delivery and competitive prices without sacrificing quality as the basic principle. In order to ensure continuity and standard in quality, all necessary certification processes are meticulously followed such as ISO 9001, VG Certificate (VDE), Rohs, Reach, IQNet and more.


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