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Rennsteig Tools, Inc. is the North American Sales and Marketing Organization of Rennsteig Werkzeuge, Germany. As a German manufacturer of high-quality hand tools, Rennsteig Werkzeuge designs and manufactures state of the art crimping, cutting, and stripping tools. Following a long tradition of specialty hand tool development and manufacturing, the company is able to craft exceptional dynamic hand tools. Rennsteig Tools, Inc. is based in Hackensack, NJ. From this location and their warehouse in Somerdale, NJ they support all their North American markets with a professional sales, marketing and administrative staff. Rennsteig's tools are used in a wide variety of industries (across the U.S. and the world), including automotive/industrial machinery, aerospace, solar energy, industrial installations, construction, and wherever electrical connections need to be reliable, durable, and fast. They also design and manufacture special tools for applications with optical fiber.


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