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Nowi is a Delft-based semiconductor company that has developed an energy harvesting chip with the smallest assembly footprint, enabling the Internet of Things (IoT) devices to live forever. Instead of continuously bringing energy to your loT devices in the form of cables and battery changes, Nowi's energy harvesting power management integrated circuit (PMIC) enables companies to use the energy that is already readily available around the devices. This can be light, heat, movement or even radio waves, with Nowi's patented technology it is becoming possible for the first time to effectively use these as a reliable power source. Nowi is willing to supply limited numbers of pre-production units (pre-qualified parts) and associated documents to the customer. It is agreed that parts and documentation will be supplied under Nowi terms of supply. Parts and documents will be supplied "as is". Nowi does not warrant to the customer that either is free from faults or defects or is of satisfactory quality or fit for any particular purpose.


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