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Littelfuse has completed its acquisition of U.S. Sensor. U.S. Sensor (Littelfuse) is a world class manufacturer of the highest quality thermistors as well as thermistor probes and assemblies . Our products are produced using proprietary state of the art processing techniques resulting in superior long term reliability. Our wide range of products include DO-35 Glass Encapsulated thermistors, highly accurate Precision Interchangeable thermistors, SMT thermistors, custom thermistor probes and assemblies and RTD’s and RTD assemblies designed to meet the most demanding applications. U.S. Sensor (Littelfuse) products are used in the Consumer Electronics, Industrial Electronics, Medical, Military and Aerospace, Food Handling/Processing and Communication and Instrumentation markets. UL Recognition was awarded to U.S. Sensor/Littelfuse for a complete line of DO-35 Glass Encapsulated Thermistors and for a series of Surface Temperature Sensing Ring Lug Style thermistor assemblies.


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