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Kyocera SLD Laser

The next generation in lighting has arrived, shining brighter and farther than ever before. In the last decade, LED enabled a new generation of lighting that changed everything. Now, LaserLight™ outshines the limits of LED to deliver safe, high luminance white light from an incredibly small point source. LaserLight™ doesn’t just offer superior technology, it’s enabling entirely new opportunities. Kyocera SLD Laser is commercializing revolutionary semi-polar GaN LaserLight™ for the next generation of display, automotive, and specialty applications. LaserLight™ sources are used directly in single color and R-G-B applications, or integrated into laser pumped phosphor architectures. As an independent spin-off from Soraa Inc, SLD Laser was founded in 2013 by several leading global pioneers in solid state lighting, including Dr. Shuji Nakamura, a 2014 Nobel Laureate in Physics for his groundbreaking work with LEDs, Dr. Steve Denbaars, Dr. James Raring, and Dr. Paul Rudy. The laser technology incorporates a robust intellectual property portfolio of over 500 patents. SLD Laser was acquired by KYOCERA Corporation and has commenced operations as a Kyocera group company under the name Kyocera SLD Laser.


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